It makes me so sad that Blathers the owl doesn’t blather anymore and even stops himself like he’s embarrassed by it and thinks he’s bettered himself

Who fucking made an old pudgy owl feel bad about his tangents

Who was it

I will devastate them


i literally just thought to myself “wow halloween is almost over” but then i remembered that the entire month of october isnt halloween and halloween is actually only one day and hasnt even started yet

work of course is back to scheduling me 25 hours (when my max has been 15 since school started on August 25th). so i was going to speak to my general manager yesterday cause i’ve already talked to the other managers and this shit is still happening. turns out my gm is gone for the next week and a half, so i spoke to one of the other managers saying that it was going to have to change or im turning in my two week notice. they said it would get changed tomorrow (today) yet there has been no change and idk what to do anymore. if it’s not changed by friday morning i might just say saturday is my last day and not even give my two week.






team i can’t do math for shit but i can write a 3 page english paper in less than an hour 

team I can do math for hours but I can’t write an english paper for shit

Team I can’t, I have rehearsal

team in theory I could do these things but instead I’m going to spend four hours on the internet for no reason

team i’m going to wait until last minute to do these things and get no sleep